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You start with EXCEL file
Resave as CSV format
After you have your files in CSV format, go to web login
web login
Assign a name and upload your CSV file
web upload
Next - you have to create subusers
sub users
Then assign CSV name to subuser/s
Once the leads are distributed - subuser/s could load them into phone and start working by logging in with credential you created
Subuser chooses option for loading from menu and loads leads through Load screen
load load
Now subuser may begin working with prospects on the phone by starting with "New" category
menu menu
Take advantage of fluid screen transition to get more detail about the prosepct by flipping the phone sideways
Work screen you could auto-call prospect, change status, and add notes as you progress
work work work
Option for adding prospects manually through the device is also available, which would merge with existing leads or auto-gen a new transaction-id
After completing with work period there is an option for subuser to upload their progress to the server. Check your stats before upload through "Stats" option
stat stat
Subuser is ready to begin with the next set of prospects upon completion of upload
Stats could be viewed on the web after upload from the device with dynamic graphs
Coding, architecture, ui design, concept development, graphic design by Vlad Nedelko